CJ works in digital media finance. A former high school and college student body president, this guy has never met a camera or microphone that he didn’t like. Voted ‘Most Likely to Wear a Blazer on your First Date’, the man is a walking, talking, high rolling son of a gun. His passions include politics, Wikipedia deep dives and sports. Ask him his favorite football team and he’ll list all six of them.
Lou is a digital project manager. He is known for making his own granola and always controlling the music selection at social gatherings. His interests include current events in business, technology and the latest conspiracies from the world of sports. Keep this guy away from your delicate trinkets as he’s a living bull in a china shop with the organization skills to plan like no one’s business.
Ken works in public relations. This guy is a podcast savant and a real Guy Fieri in the kitchen. A true gunslinger, this guy shoots straight from the hip, is passionate about local elections and creates an annual list of his predictions for the Oscars. Do not ask him about the Academy Awards though. He knows how to drive a boat and refuses to die before seeing his Islanders win the Stanley Cup again.
Jesse is a financial consultant. Once asked in a job interview to showcase a special skill, he simply listed every country of Africa on a map. This guy is a student of history and his lifelong goal is to ride the Trans-Siberian Railway through Russia. He loves to travel and his summer house is in Valhalla.

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