But you already know that. The question is just how good can the Nets be over the next three to five seasons and what that means for the NBA going forward.

Monday, July 1, 2019

Breathe. Drink a cold glass of water. Drink it in; no, not the water. Free agency. It's upon us. The suspense ended quickly for the biggest free agency signing of the NBA off season when Kevin Durant chose the Brooklyn Nets in a whopping four year $164M super-max deal Sunday morning.


Putting it altogether, we know that Kyrie Irving, ending a relatively unsuccessful two-year stint with the Boston Celtics, will be joining KD in the borough of Brooklyn alongside former Laker, DeAngelo Russell, who put a young Brooklyn team on his back last season to get them to the second round of the playoffs in 2019. While this upcoming season may prove challenging with KD on the bench for its entirety nursing the torn achilles from Game 5 of the Finals, we should expect the same level of productivity in seeking and acquiring a playoff spot in this makeup of talent.


Why? Well, the East is shifting in terms of where the power dynamics are. Toronto will lose Finals MVP Kawahi Leanord to, more than likely, the West in return to his hometown team of the Lakers, and with two max spots open in the other side of New York City, the Knicks may find themselves with solid talent to surround their number three draft pick with, RJ Barrett.


At the same time, you have movement on the West Coast with the Splash Brothers likely seeing a final trip around the Sun and a likely move out of the West from Boogie Cousins. Additionally, you can expect the open max spots of the LA Clippers to eat up some top-notch talent and big moves out of Boston, Houston, and Dallas, who, sneakily, has a ton of open cap space for another big-time player to surround Porzingis. 

But can Brooklyn change that landscape big-league in season 2021? A prime-time KD with in-his-prime DeAngelo Russel and a still-consistent (and hopefully healthy) Kyrie Irving in the Finals? Even given all the changes the league is going through right now, with talent scattered all across the country in every market available, I still see a strong Nets team with top draft picks coming out of next season.


And if you don't see this Nets team in a Finals by 2021, Hell, I've got a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you. 

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