We recap just a few of the Grizly team's discoveries over the past weekend in the greatest city on Earth, New York City.

Monday, July 1, 2019

I watched two (yes, two) Adam Sandler movies on Netflix, that Cranston / LBJ movie on HBO, and the second day of the Traveler's Championship. Safe to say, it was an odd weekend.

Why is this a thing? I go to a coffee shop, I expect the milk and sugar to be input by the barista. Whether I request "light and sweet", "dark", "a dash of milk", or "one sweet and low", I'd like to not have to do it myself at a whopping $4 a cup, get my hand sticky and, finally, drop the coffee all over the place because I didn't secure the lid...

Maybe I'm amazed at the way... this song doesn't age! I rediscovered "Maybe I'm Amazed" accidentally while watching CNN's British Invasion portion of "The Sixties" and I fell in love all over again. And as a add-on, if you're looking for a sultry, seductive little tune at about six minutes a pop, I recommend you turn on "Hey Jude" the fifth video titled "Hey Jude Live at Glastonbury" forward to the four-minute mark, and let it ride. That's all you need to know.

Wow is this place big. Billed as the "largest store on Earth" (and I believe it), I went in to make a simple exchange for a smaller-sized button-down shirt (I haven't lost weight I just don't know my body well enough to make an informed purchase as to my button-downs) and I purchased:

  • Three-pack Calvin Klein boxer trunks 

  • One pair gray socks

  • Six-pack black Nike NO-SHOW socks

  • One brown belt

  • ...and the correct size button-down

Now, lets win the week and get this bread.

I'm sick of having to put my iced coffee a coffee shop

Paul McCartney, holy s**t this guy is good

The Herald Square Macy's, holy s**t this place is good

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