Fifty two thousand, five hundred and ninety-five Dems, two of my aunts and a cousin took the stage across two days of debates in South Beach last week. So what happened?

Monday, July 1, 2019

23 Democrats will take the stage across two days of debates in Miami, FL on June 26 and 27. The mix of each debate -- selected randomly -- are actually pretty fair. You've got poll leaders and losers on both days. And you've got the setup for potential breakout stars given the limited number competing in each debate. Here's what we're interested in seeing:

What will the former VP give us? We expect a lot of heartland talk. But we expect mostly anti-Trump rhetoric, trying to show that he is best prepared to take the mud fight to Donald Trump. Can Biden put the most recent gaffes of the past month to bed, while fending off attacks from virtually all the other candidates (including Trump) and do it all whilst fighting the air of inevitability?

We're skipping past Harris, Warren, Sander, O'Rourke and Buttigieg. They'll be around for a bit. We're also skipping the bottom ten. They'll be out in a few weeks; a month or two tops. Lets discuss those that need to make waves: Booker, Klobuchar, Yang, Castro, and Gillibrand. They need to put up or shut up. They're anywhere between 1% to 2%, and that's simply not good enough. The smart money will start moving after debate week and by the first primary about 60% of the democrat candidates will be gone. Either a killer one liner or a strong policy take will get us looking at a B candidate.

I know, ok...I promised I wouldn't...but fine! We need to see one of the bottom-of-the-polls candidates break through. I'm talking De Blasio, Swallwell, Moulton, etc. One of them are bound too. The question is, will they have sticking power following the debates?

Debates tend to have lasting effects in presidential primaries; and don't even get me started on the general. With so many candidates, these debates may be the most crucial in history, as they'll chart the course for what is gearing up to be a long Summer of campaigning.

Biden at Bat:

Level "B":

Level "C": 

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