While every business has different resources, needs and priorities, there's one commonality across all organizations:  the desire to achieve more. But what does that really mean, and how do you get there?
CJ Funaro provides a customized approach to creating your company's strategic plan, inspired by the goal-setting style of Warren Buffett.
Corporate strategy has been around since the beginnings of the Industrial Revolution. While many agencies take on traditional approaches to goal-setting, Strategy53 believes in a more innovative, comprehensive style, rooted in values, strengthened by experience, and executed by the people who drive your business forward.  
Rooted in strategy history.
Suited for 2020.
Strategy53 was carved out of a desire to operationalize corporate strategic planning across small and medium-sized businesses without the cost of building a strategic planning team internally.
That's where CJ comes in. He'll start with your company's values. What does your business believe in? That sparks the brainstorming of a list of 25 goals, based in your value set and fueled by your desire to move your organization forward.
This results your customized 5:3 strategic planning program. Together, you'll select and refine the top five goals from your list, and with that, provide three ways, or tactics, on how to get there. And then there's the rallying cry. How does your organization bottle our goals up into one comprehensive vision?
5 goals. 3 tactics.
1 rallying cry.
That's how to do it.
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CJ won't only help build your 5:3 strategy; he'll actively manage it. That means monthly checkpoints, team trainings, meetings, phone calls and emails. Whenever you need him, you've got him.
Strategy is more than just contemplation; it's execution. That's why Strategy53 is a full-service consultancy, providing the means by which you can execute on your 5:3. 
Additional support includes:
  • Financial planning & analysis
  • Billing, AP & AR management
  • Headcount planning
  • Site development
  • Digital and social media marketing
& Support

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